Create your own path


It’s not uncommon to see a number of articles, statements on Twitter (or other social platforms) the DOs and DONTs of travel. Some make for an interesting read and some are a little “off the beaten track”!

Throughout the years, I have done my fair share of travel. Some destinations are well-known whereas others, not so known. Throughout my travels, whether that be for personal or business, I am nearly always provided with “advice”.

I would always say, listen and acknowledge but by no means run with someone elses view whole heartedly. This can often sway perception and make for not such a nice experience. Everyone is SO different and the same destination is SO different, month to month, year to year.

Sure, I have had a few unpleasant travel experiences and yes, I would impart my views on persons, but it’s about my experience. Take my little article on Pisa. This goes down as one of the worst places I have been, but for the following reasons:

  • It was the last leg of my Italian honeymoon, feeling tired and maybe a little grumpy!
  • Had been to Florence, Siena and Venice within the same week
  • Weather was not great
  • Hotel was on a main road (noisy)

So, had I had a better hotel, not quite so tired and the weather was better, I may well have written a different article.

I have also seen simple top 10’s of things NOT to do etc. Something like, don’t grab a cab as it’s a rip off….seriously, you may have been ripped off (and I may too) but it’s also still not a huge amount of money to save your poor tiring legs….(maybe? hell, I’ll risk it!) I was also told this about New York City. Use the tube they said, don’t use the taxis. I can tell you, I used taxis several times every day! hopping in to one of the possessed yellow beasts was just an experience in itself, let alone allowing you to see the City as you journey from one side of Manhattan to the next.

I suppose, to summarise, acknowledge the knowledge that is being imparted on you but look for your own reasons wanting to travel, make mistakes, explore the surroundings and create your own unique experience. For better or worse, its your very own experience, no one can take that away and at the end of it all, you are still glad you went somewhere even if it wasnt a great journey.


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