For the Love of…


It wasn’t all too long ago that Emma and I would browse the pages of the usual holiday booking sites, looking for our next summer break. The decision came down to price and guaranteed sun. Also having no children meant that we must avoid the kids summer holidays or watch the price of the holiday double and be the “weird ones” without kids.

These holidays usually took us to Turkey, Cyprus, Spain etc. The typical sun drenched spots that was within a few hours flight time (from UK) with unquestionable opportunity to get sun burn.

I don’t quite recall what the turning point was for us, but a few years back, as we was browsing the holiday web sites, we concluded that there was a lot of thought going in to what can only be described as the same holiday, year on year. The resort hotels are all basically the same, providing the same kind of service, nestled in to a beach, have a pool and one or two bars to grab your late morning beer! We both just wasn’t as excited about of our next holiday as we had been in previous years.

We decided we needed something more.

We headed to a travel specialist company that could help figure out, based on our very vague requirements, where we should holiday next. We decided it was to be the USA and with a lot of help we headed off on our mini-adventure to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Memphis and finishing in New York. Sure it cost us a lot more money than it would have done if we went back to Turkey but what a life changing experience.

It meant that as 9 to 5’ers we didn’t need to squeeze in a guaranteed suntan, we could actually get out and explore the world just that little bit more. We could experience something that many unfortunately never have the opportunity to do. Ultimately it meant doing something that had perspective for us, having no regrets and smiling, recounting the amazing journeys we have been on together.

Since our trip to the USA, we have been back several times and travelled to many other destinations around the world. Our stories have inspired friends to ditch the typical holiday package and challenge themselves during their limited time off work.

What has this all meant for us?

Well, it means we don’t have quite as much disposable income!! It means we get to experience many new things; cultures, cuisines, people, places every time we go away. It means we have something different to talk about with friends, it means we have life-experiences that challenge the norm, it means we do something we love with the ones we love – it helps if your partner has an interest in travel!

I suppose the point to this ramble is that if you have an interest in travel (or other things) try not let routine get in your way. Get out and challenge yourself and you will never have to tell the story of “I almost…..”.

Since our moment of life and travel contemplation, we have travelled to many countries and destinations. Some in our very own country and others many thousands of miles away. I can also say that since truly escaping the 9 to 5 (temporarily!) I have rekindled my love for photography, developed a keen interest in culture and history and spend more money on techie geeky stuff than I ever have! As Emma would say “2 out of 3 isn’t bad”.

As I say to my friends, its more interesting to listen when someone has something to say!

…..or maybe not if your are reading this blog!! 🙂

Whats next on the travel cards for us? We are glamping in July (our first wedding anniversary), coastal walks in September and looking to teach Emma (who has a terrible fear of the sea) to scuba dive!


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