9 to 5 Travelling Enthusiast


In the UK, employees are typically given 5 weeks paid holiday per year. In the USA, I understand this to be less. In addition to this paid holiday time, we have 8 bank and public holidays in a year (in England and Wales). The challenge of a 9 to 5 travel enthusiast is how to use this precious time. 

Many if not all of the bank and public holidays fall in to kids school holidays. For a couple that dont have children, travelling, especially in UK and Europe, becomes very expensive. So needless to say, we tend to avoid this time. However, we have learned over the last few years that long haul destinations (excluding the likes of Florida etc where this becomes a mecca for long family holidays) are not typically affected by the price hikes enforced upon us by the travel industry – thats a whole other subject!

As with everything, its all about the balance between time and money. We have many destinations in our minds and we usually have one 2+ week holiday per year with several other mini-breaks either side. But every year, we battle with decisions on where to go and what to do.

We are not a couple that can lounge around a pool, sipping cocktails all day and stuffing our faces from the all you can eat buffet (although that does sound really good about now!). We like to be active, whether that is exploring a city by foot or cycling around Brittany. 

We always have several trips planned for the year ahead. Some will be overseas and some will be just down the road. But despite all these things, we are always looking for the next spot. Oh the despair, what to do, where to go…

It has been suggested why not give up the 9 to 5, why not pack up and go explore the world we are so desperate to see? Despite our love for travel, it isnt about giving up on the life we have chosen. We dont hate the 9 to 5, we enjoy the challenges in life this brings. Its about escaping the norm, overloading your senses with something so fresh, new, different, that the 9 to 5 life is a distant memory.

Sure, these breaks come to an end and we are back doing what we was doing just a couple weeks before. But we are now refreshed, got great memories and momentoes and a new chapter in our challenge to escape, even for just a moment, the hectic lives we lead. 

The 9 to 5 enables us to enjoy the supposed luxuries of a nice home and lifestyle but also enables us to see a world beyond the bubble we and our 9 to 5 compatriots can become slave to. The challenge is thus; live now. If you have a thirst for travel, do it. It is doesnt have to be expensive or time consuming. There are many great locations just a short drive or flight away. Thats what weekends are made for!


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