Measured by Food


How many times have you fell in love with a place because the food is just so damn good?

Chicken Feet

That place could on face value not be very special at all but the food just skyrocketed it up there with the best of them. Adversely, your destination could be a paradise, your dreams come true, only to be smashed by poor food experiences.

Pork Dripping

Here are some thoughts on destinations we have been to and whether they fell short or propelled them in to the must go destination. At this point it should be noted that I am no “foodie”. In fact I know bugger all when it comes to making such gastronomic delights. I just know what I like – good, honest cooking that tastes good!


Krakow to be precise. Besides being a beautiful city, there is a mass of dining destinations. Poland is great value, which makes everything better, right? Poland is renowned for its simple yet tasty feasts, almost always meat based. But, the city is full of restaurants offering an alternative, from Asian and Italian to Indian and Middle-Eastern. Throughout our stay, the food was exceptional and great value. Coupled with a thriving and visually stunning city, puts this place in our top ten European destinations.


From Bangkok to Khao Lak, Thai food is AMAZING. I love spicy food and this country hit every taste bud hard. Delicious. The fish, rice, noodles, meat, chicken, soups…everything that was put in front of me was devoured. As you probably guessed, I fell head over heals with this place! Emma is a fussy eater and before our arrival, she was nervous about her food options. This was quickly dispelled with sensory overload. Her worries and concerns, gone, replaced with a large helping of green curry! Thailand is up there with the best.


From Bali to Flores, this country is stunning. The people are among some of the friendliest we have ever come across. The food however, well, disappointed us generally. I dont know why but we had high hopes of Indonesian cuisine. The easiest way for me to describe what we had is; dull. Nothing really jumped out at you as being so mouth wateringly delicious that you had to have more. It was all very edible, dont get me wrong, its just not that exciting. Maybe your experiences was very different to ours?


We have both travelled to Italy many many times, visiting a number of cities and regions. The thing with Italy, especially in the tourist hot spots (e.g Rome), is that the food can be a little slapdash and unimaginative. I have eaten in many restaurants throughout Italy (in those tourist traps) and have, on many occasions, had better Italian food outside of Italy! I will hasten to add that I have also been to many restaurants off the tourist trail and had some of the best food ever. For me, Italy has been hit and miss. Pick your restaurant wisely.


Well, what can I say about Germany other than vegetarians need not apply! Joking, in recent years, especially in the larger cosmopolitan cities, there is bundles of choice. But, there is no escaping, Germany is a meat feast. I am a little biased as I have German family and spent my early life living in Germany, but, the food is seriously tasty. You just cannot beat a currywurst sausage! After something a little more adventurous then there is plenty of great restuarants serving up stunning feasts – and not always meat based!

Whats your thoughts? Has your views on a destination been swayed by your food experience….?


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