Quintessentially English – Top 3 Must See Norfolk & Suffolk

In recent years I have found myself to be spending a lot of time in Norfolk and Suffolk. There is good reason for this. Its bloody gorgeous, thats why.

Considering I have lived in the neighbouring county of Cambridgeshire for a number of years, its only been in the last 3’ish years that I have actually ventured past the borders to these beautful counties. Not only are these counties home to some of the best (in my opinion) beer and cider, Norfolk and Suffolk boasts stunning scenary. The outdoorsy type will, without doubt, love this part of the country. Walking and cycling routes are plentiful and you cant go to this part of the country without visiting the Broads.

The best way to explore these counties is by car. Im sure there is public transport links but seriously, stick with the car. There are a number of spots that really are in the arse end of nowhere. You dont get anywhere quick in this part of the country so try and relax – during a recent trip I clocked up approx 80 miles with an average speed of 30mph! Seriously…

So, getting around by car (and Ill assume any form of motorised transport) can be slow, painful at times but ultimately worth it. If you are in the mood for seeing a part of the country that is so quintessentially english then I can think of no better place.

Some of my must see places in Norfolk and Suffolk are:

#1 – The Broads

We explored the broads by boat, starting our journey from Wroxham, a beautiful little town just 10 minutes north of Norwich. There are plenty of boat rental companies in the area offering a range of cruisers to suit your needs. We opted for a 4 berth, which was big enough for the two of us and our dog Strudel.

Cruising the broads is a thoroughly relaxing venture, but again, like the roads around here, you dont get anywhere quick. But thats the point. Drink it in because the small villages and towns that nestle on the banks are stunning. There also isnt a shortage of good pubs, serving good beer and food to keep you fuelled on your travels.

#2 – Well Next The Sea

Simply put, we love this place. We hire a mobile home/lodge on the Pinewoods park every year for the last few. The park, as you guessed, is situated right next door to the Pine Woods! It offers great walks along the beach and beyond. Our dog absolutely loves it.

The town itself is just lovely. A proper little seaside town with the usual type of shops offering all sorts of knick-knacks (or all sorts of crap – whichever way you look at it). As with any seaside town, it just wouldnt be the same without a good quality fish and chip shop and I’d struggle to find a better one than Frenchs.

Take a walk up through the town and you’ll hit a green where there a couple of pubs. They welcome dogs, serve a good pint and the food is great. But if you fancy a takeaway, then there is plenty of choice and they will deliver to the Pinewoods park too.

For a few cheap days away, with good walks, pubs and a decent escape from the “rat race”, then this place is a must. Its a great base in which to explore this part of Norfolk.

#3 – Southwold

I went to Southwold for the first time just a couple months back. Why the hell did I wait so long; love this place. Southwold really is a busy (yet not over the top), beautiful seaside town in Suffolk that offers families, couples and an army of friends to have some serious fun.

Southwold is home to Adnams; simply the best beer (and other alcohol treasures) that is likely to grace your lips. Yes, it really is that good! You will not be surprised to see a host of stores and pubs selling Adnams. You must, without doubt, pick up some of this fine ale. Not to mention, their spirits selection is gorgeous (I can highly recommend the Gin).

Aside from the lip-smacking alcoholic treats, Southwold is in a great location in which to explore Suffolk. Many beautiful towns nearby to offer an alternative experience to the seaside retreat.



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