…2017 already??


Seems as though every new year appears and I wonder where the previous one had gone..Its easy to contemplate the years successes and failures and to some degree thats a good thing, right? helps us to learn from our misgivings and its important to sometimes celebrate the successes.

But heres the thing. I look at this last year and think to myself, thats been a good one, sure there has been some things I wish I had approached differently but would I want to change anything. For better or worse? Nah…Im happy with the path life is taking me. All I can do is make sure I put the effort in to enjoy the ride.

This past year has seen lots of fun, laughter, tantrums and tears but one thing is for sure, this coming year will be even better. I don’t like the whole new year resolution thing. It works for some but its not something I want to hold over myself or others. I have a few simple things in life where I want to do better but I’m prepared for little mishaps but will be sure to put the effort in to realise success.

But here is one thing Ill certainly put on the table. I MUST blog more. In 2016, we have been fortunate to create so many life affirming memories but Ive not shared that. Must do better. So on 1st Jan 2017, here is my first post..an acknowledgement of a 2016 failing but a celebration of things to come.

Enjoy life. We will!


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