Seeing as you are looking at this page I suppose you want to know what its all about…well, I suppose its about my wife (Emma) and I (Andrew) who have a thirst for travel and adventure.

As you will have guessed, we are 9 to 5’ers who have 5 weeks holiday per year. Every year we paid a not so small amount to sit by a pool, over-indulge on the all-inclusive bar and restaurant and spend every evening slapping on the after-sun cream! . Then we would do it all again a few months later. These holidays were in different spots all over Europe and if it wasnt for the accents of those working at the resorts, every single holiday could have been in the same place.

Thats me!

It was around 2010/2011, when for whatever reason we just had enough. It really was no fun and in a word was boring. We then set about exploring as many countries, towns and cities all over the world, all whilst doing the 9 to 5 thing.

It isnt about our loathing of our 9 to 5 lives, its about escapism, seeing and experiencing something new and different to reenergise and “freshen” up. Being a 9 to 5’er doesnt mean giving up, its about compromise. Work hard, travel hard. The 9 to 5 life means we get to enjoy and experience things that we perhaps otherwise wouldnt if we gave it all up to hitchhike, backpack or whatever our way around the world. All it means is it will take us longer to get there but be damn comfortable in the process!

So, you gathered that we like to travel and see distant lands in our “downtime”. But we also try and take advantage of our weekends and get out and about with our boy (dog), Strudel.



If you want to get in touch, for whatever reason, then please email us at 9to5escapes[at]gmail.com



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